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DRACULA'S COMING! DRACULA'S COMING! Come one, come all and meet Dracula and his kooky friends on July 20:

SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT IN NEW YORK - our non-profit creative arts collective - is happy to invite you and your friends to a FREE staged reading of "The Beast Things in Life" - a fun-for-all musical comedy for the whole family. This is an Equity Approved Showcase. Reception following.

KIDS FROM 5-90 will enjoy this delightful show!


WHEN & WHERE: The reading will take place on Monday, July 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the Ellington Room at Manhattan Plaza, 400 W. 43rd Street, 2nd floor, corner of 9th Ave., Manhattan. Reservations are REQUESTED.

THE MUSIC: Something for Everybody!

Pop, rock, boleros, tangos and some golden oldies made famous by "Old Blue Eyes." We know you will enjoy the music, the story and our wonderfully talented cast. You will hear musical gems including:

Tap Your Terror Away - The Mummy's Song - Cry Wolf! -The Beast Things in Life -Dark Eyes - Whatever Sangria Wants (Sangria Gets) - Sangria's Lament - Is There a Sweet Man Out There, Waiting for Me? - New York, New York - The Nearness of You, etc.

And be sure not to miss the scary organ music, howling dogs, and blood curdling scream!

THE STORY: Funny, Heartwarming, enlightening:

THE BEAST THINGS IN LIFE is about a group of monster friends, the "older," well-known monsters, i.e., Dracula, Dracula's Bride, Dracula's Mother, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf and the Vampire, a newcomer, trying to find their way in life, personally and professionally, i.e., looking for love, acceptance, friendship, success, etc. They enter a favorite monster contest, sponsored by STSANY, and win against the "new" monsters of the day. At the same time relationships are formed among them, as others go through trials and tribulations, but ultimately work out to a happy ending for all. They learn a lot about how to get along with each other, work out their problems, discover their talents and make decisions about what they want to do with their lives. And they learn the value of friendship, loyalty, love and tolerance. They are somewhat scary but friendly "monsters" with human emotions, desires, hopes and fears.


Several STSANY* members are in the cast and on the staff:

*Cali Gilman, Brady Blevins, Matthew Crooks

Additional cast members include: Venuz Delmar, Elizabeth Wright, Justin McEllroy**and Amanda Joy Loth**

**Appearing courtesy of AEA


Stage direction by Gloria Zelaya; Musical direction by Anna Bartos*; Jessica Corbin* at the Piano*


Members, friends, family, kids: Come and join us for a HOWLING GOOD TIME on July 20!

Anna Bartos, Founder/Director of STSANY

The Beast Things In Life at Something To Sing About In New York